When is Truck this year?
Truck Nine is on 22-23 July 2006.

Stall pitch fees for Truck 2006 range from £60 for the weekend (£20 for charities) and there will be a new “Art and Craft” marquee this year for indoor stalls. If you would like further details and an application form please fill in the contact form with subject ‘stalls’, or email, giving a brief description of your stall’s product or service. Please note that unfortunately we are not accepting applications from stalls selling food and drink or CDs and records.

What disabled facilities do you have?
Truck Festival welcomes all audience members to its festival, and hopes to provide an enjoyable weekend for all. The following information might be useful if you have any access requirements.

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Where is Truck?
As ever, at Hill Farm, in Steventon, near Abingdon, South Oxfordshire, Dekalb County.

Here’s a nice basic map.

Here’s a more detailed road map.

And here’s some directions.

How to get to Truck
We would encourage you to try to reach Truck using public transport – the traffic jams on the way in and out of the village can get pretty bad!

Buses from St. Aldates, Oxford:
35 (Oxford Bus Company)

Or alternatively by train to Didcot Parkway, and Taxi from there (or bus 35A). It is around five miles.

For more information please visit:
Oxford Bus Company
The Train line

Camping, Cars, and Caravans
Yes yes and yes, conditionally. In order for this festival to happen each year, festival goers must abide by the following rules:

Do not bring your dog. Or anyone else’s dog.
Do not bring barbecues of any kind.
Do not build campfires – this apples to any other fires (house fires, in tent fires) and roman candles.
Calor gas style camping stoves are allowed. Don’t use them in your tent mind, or security will get cross.
Camping is included for Saturday AND Sunday night this year. You’ll want to be off site by midday on monday though, or you’ll probably get trampled by cattle.
Parking is limited, please use public transport where possible.
No sound-systems of any kind will be tolerated (this does not mean your small Sony cd player).
Please do not bring any GLASS to the festival. Your bottle will not be admitted! Bring cans instead.
You’ll probably be searched by a big chap in a bomber jacket.
Charities and the like
The proceeds from Truck 2005 will, amongst others, support the following charities:

Mali Development Project, Pakistan Earthquake Appeal, Truck Club Juniors, Donnington Doorstep, Tierra Santa Orphanage, Medicine for Chernobyl , Parasol Project, Amnesty International, McMillan Trust, Uganda Art Aid, Damascus Bus, Steventon Boys Football Club, Steventon School.

Many of them are self-explanatory, some less so, so here’s a brief run-through:
Parasol Project embodies our commitment to supporting improved disabled access, in this case for young people, to all manner of activities. The Mali Development project is also focused on young people and is one of our main charities. Recent donations have been in support of their peer education programme to help teenagers help themselves and others in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in their country. Tierra Santa is something slightly more retro, the younger members of the festival’s first family, The Bennetts, used to raise money for the orphanage by putting on concerts as young teenagers. Nothing changes! Moving on, Donnington Doorstep is a local children’s centre and you can see the staff in action at Truck, manning the children’s tent. Last but not least we might explain that Medicine for Chernobyl is a project that brings kids over every year to our fair shores to give them medical and dental treatment that they can’t really get at home.

So buy your tickets now and when you arrive be sure to drink plenty of beer and or banana smoothies, whilst munching on a burger and wearing the festival t-shirt. When you get home, re-live some of the highlights by putting on the festival CD. All of these rather basic of human activities help support these worthy causes.